Funding is available for a student with EU nationality to undertake a PhD at the University of St Andrews under the supervision of Dr. Vivienne Wild, starting September 2012.

The project will involve the combined analysis of hydrodynamic simulations of galaxy mergers and observational datasets - focusing either on detailed observations of a small number of systems provided by CALIFA, or on the statistical samples provided by the GAMA survey or, depending on the specific interests of the student.

The project will involve collaboration with Peter Johansson (Helsinki, associate member of CALIFA), Jakob Walcher (AIP, CALIFA project scientist) and the observational survey teams of GAMA and/or CALIFA.

St Andrews is a small University town by the sea in southern Scotland, the University is world renowned for both its teaching and research, and the School of Physics and Astronomy provides a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment within which to undertake a PhD. Graduate students benefit from a Scotland-wide graduate program allowing them to learn from the best researchers in all branches of physics.

Please email Vivienne for further details (, see her website for more information about her research ( or apply directly through the University of St Andrews website